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Sheheryar Kabraji
Baby LOVES these

Our 4-month-old who has begun teething LOVES these. He gets very excited at seeing them and chews on them for a while.

My son loved them right away

I got these for my 4 month old son who was teething really badly and he just loves them. I bought two of them right off the bat and I’d do it over in a heart beat; they’re very well made, great fabric, and cute print, the rubber is sturdy but he still loves chewing it, and it’s very easy to clean.

Money well spent!!!

This is Amazing!!!
My 3 month old has been teething and has been in so much pain. Constantly fussy and crying and was always biting on his fists but ever since we purchased the teething mitten he’s been AMAZiNG!!! No more fuss no more cries. I’d definitely recommend this product!!

Kat Hogan
Must have for teething babies

My baby LOVES this. I’ll give it to him even if it’s not on his hand and he shoves it in his mouth and drools all over it. Really recommend getting one if your baby is teething and it’s also cheap!!!

My baby loves it and she can't throw it !

This is a great product for teething babies. Our little one seems to go for her hands more than any other chew ring or teething item. Mostly because she drops or tosses them away. Since this is a glove it is literally at her fingertips. There is plenty of room inside it for her hands to move and the crinkle paper inside it giver her tactile feedback and a fun noise to make. She does chew the rubber bit on the end. I like that it is shaped in a way that it will not go fully into her mouth. Overall a great new product for teething.

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