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Stephanie N Holstein
Soft and squishy with attitude

I love this little dog with his disapproving look. He is so soft and squishy and his face is priceless. This was an great purchase and provides entertainment as well as something comfortable to use as a pillow while watching tv.

Worth it!

So. Comfy. And cute. Worth the price for sure. Largest size is around the same size as a pillow, maybe a little smaller, and it has a cloud stuffy texture.

amelia benton
super soft and huggable

i LOVE this plush, really really soft and theres a zipper to add more stuffing if you want to. my only complaint is that he shows up vacuum sealed so he's a lil wrinkled. i named him chad

tube dog with big bastard energy and i love him very much UwU

SO SOFT!!! this big boy is dENSE. when he arrived he was vacuumed sealed into a square and needed a bit of fluffing before he reached his full chungus potential. also! i appreciate the zipper on the side so that I can add some extra fluff in him later cause his feet are a bit flat. overall VERY happy with this purchase! very good boy, would buy again uwu

Smol Wife
love it

I love this chonk. i got the grey one.
I call him chunky and he is what i use for when I'm stressed. I cry and hug him and pet his super soft "fur" and it calms me. There was a bit of stuffing coming out of thise weird side zipper on him but nothing to severe. Love it, will be buying the brown and black ones next.

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