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megan anthony
Very supportive. Very comfy. Best money spent

This pregnancy pillow has honestly helped me to sleep so much better. It supports my stomach and my aching back. I can fold and move this pillow around so many different ways to fit me and help me sleep comfortably. This has been the best $40.00 I have ever spent. I will even use this after pregnancy. The pillow is also cooling so when you are in a deep sleep you dont wake up hot and sweaty. I am in love with this pillow. My boyfriend even loves it. He is jealous thati did not buy him one.
Now that I am no longer pregnant my boyfriend sleeps with this pillow every single night. But seriously if you are looking for a comfortable pregnancy pillow, consider buying this one. You will not be disappointed.

Dominic Reyes
Fantastic buy. Super comfortable for wife, I want more support.

Bought this for my pregnant wife. She absolutely loves this thing. Our dog even loves sleeping in it all curled up.

She prefers sleeping on her back as opposed to on her side. But since she's pregnant, she's not supposed to be sleeping on her side. This pillow discourages her from rolling onto her back when she's sleeping, and it doesn't disrupt her sleep at all. She loves that it's malleable and it contours to however she sleeps.

When she gets up for work, I roll over and nuzzle myself into this pillow and fall asleep instantly for another hour or two. I prefer pillows that are a little more firm, and this is on the softer side. But keep in mind, this is for my wife, not me. So it doesn't matter whether I like it or not (but I do quite like it). Happy wife, happy life.

Kaleen B.
comfy, supportive and affordable. 10/10 would buy again

I hesitated buying a pregnancy pillow at first because I felt they weren’t worth the money when I could just use multiple regular pillows for support, but I quickly changed my mind after getting this pillow. It was comfy, supportive, and affordable. I used it for my last trimester and some change and loved it. Sleeping on my side was very uncomfortable until I got this pillow. I would tuck part of it under my belly for support and the other side would support my back. I didn’t have issues switching sides at night either though I did prefer using the open end to support my belly vs my back so I would sometimes flip my pillow around when I switched sides. This pillow is thinner than others on the market which I really liked. My husband could even snuggle with me some while I was still supported by the pillow. Also, the thinner profile kept it from getting to hot and from taking up too much space in the bed, which was nice because we have a queen size bed and slept on a full size bed for a month. I loved this pillow so much for sleeping that I even bought a new suitcase so I could take it on trips with me. I even have used it postpartum because it is so comfy. I tried a U shaped pillow by Leachco and returned it promptly. Though the thicker profile initially seemed nice, i found that it was very hot and took up too much room in my bed and really was unnecessary. I liked this PharmMeDic pillow much better. I know some people like the thicker design because it props them up more and helps with heartburn, however, I would just use my regular pillow on top of the PharmMeDoc when I had heart burn and this offered worked just fine. On nights of sever heart burn I would actually fold the pillow in half and sleep on my back or even sometimes side while the pillow kept me at about a 45 degree angle.

All that being said, though the thickness was fine, I do wish it was just a tiny bit thicker. And if you really need extra support this may not be for you. I would say this pillow probably has the same thickness as regular sleeping pillows.

Happy pregnant lady, lonely husband.

I am nearly 39 weeks pregnant and let me just tell you that I would not have survived this far without this pillow. I bought it back around 16 weeks and it has become more invaluable as the months have gone by. At this point, I have so much discomfort sitting upright (rib and back pain) that the only way I can get comfy is to curl into this pillow on my side. I’m 5’2” and the pillow wraps the entire way around my body, giving me something to snuggle with on the front as well as some support on the back. It did flatten a bit more than I thought so I usually tuck another pillow between my knees for extra support.

I’ve washed the removable cover many times with no issues. It’s got a jersey like feel to it so it did pill a little but it doesn’t bother me.

My husband hates this pillow because it creates what I call a fortress of solitude around me. He can’t get close to me no matter what he tries. Which frankly I find perfect for uncomfortable pregnant nights :)

A MUST HAVE for pregnancy!

I have loved this pillow so so much during pregnancy! I actually used it facing the opposite way than is pictured but it helped so much with all of the lovely body aches/pains that seem to accompany this beautiful journey of making a person. It provided so much support for my back and hips. I couldn’t go without this thing, so much so that when we went on a two week vacation at 33 weeks I checked a suitcase JUST for this pillow.

P.S. I am now in the last weeks of pregnancy and am having trouble sleeping on my side (varicose veins and trouble breathing from the baby being just so dang big) but I am still using this pillow folded in half (like a tiny “C”) with another pillow in the curve of it to prop me up and am still able to sleep!

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