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Saydee Springfield

I suffer from anxiety and this little toy helps a lot. It’s heavy and makes nice “clacking” sounds. It’s durable and dropped a few times and still working. Tried other fidget stuff on here and this is by far the best. rather spend the extra bucks than buying a off brand cheap version. 5 stars !!

Elizabeth Filiano
So helpful

I love it, the material is a good quality, I actually bought for my son and is been helping him a lots at school with is "talking"

Great construction quality

The cube is very well made. The function is absolutely flawless so it meets the requirement in spades.

Zachary Hillegas
Unlimited Power

Some children dream of fidget spinners, but I'd rather dream about Infinity Cube. Just being around it is intoxicating.

From the moment I purchased Infinity Cube, all those days ago, not an hour has gone by when I haven't fidgeted with it. And now, in any moment I don't have it in my hands... I'm in agony. The further away I am from Infinity Cube, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with it? I can't breathe.

I'm haunted by Infinity Cube that I should never have ordered. My heart is beating... hoping that Infinity Cube will not become a scar. It is in my very soul, tormenting me... what can I do? I will do anything Infinity Cube asks.


I absolutely loved the weight, feel, and sound of my new infinity cube. Like a few others however, I had a problem with some of the hinges locking up. I was sorely disappointed, so I contacted the seller. They were extremely helpful, even thinking of the solution that was so simple that I can't believe I didn't think of it first.

WD-40. After spraying the offending hinges and drying it off with a paper towel it moves like a dream. So I implore anyone who has problems with its movement to try this before contacting the seller. Make sure that what you use to dry it off is disposable though, it left a slight color residue from the finish.

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