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So fun, something different

I have a daughter who has recently decided to fight going to bed. Said daughter also loves Elsa and all things Frozen so I figured we would give this dream tent a shot.
My daughter loves the pretty light in the tent and the magical feel to it when you're Inside. We have made a deal with her that she can have her dream tent on as long as she doesn't fight going into her room for bed. Needless to say, she is now counting down the minutes until bedtime every night.
I am hopeful that she will continue to love her dream tent until she has grown out of the fighting sleep stage.
It really is a beautiful concept and so fun and different for kids. I would love to get more as gifts for my nieces.

Five Stars

My granddaughter loves it

Michelle Drollette
Great purchase. Now we are going to buy more ...

My 5 year old loves this! He was so excited as we were putting it on his bed. Great purchase. Now we are going to buy more to give for gifts to our nephew and nieces.

Corinne Harmon
Easy Bed Time!

My 4 year old daughter loves her tent! We ended up putting it on a double bed instead of a twin and we made it work. She loves sleeping in her "winter tent". Our cat thinks its great fun too and joins in the fun and you can often find him taking a cat nap in the tent during the day.

The tent is easy to install. The material is like a camping tent and is sturdy. The print for the Winter Wonderland tent is very pretty. It reminded my daughter of the movie Frozen and she was excited when I got it out of the packaging. Bed time for parents is easy because it is exciting to go to sleep in the tent! This would be a great present for any child who enjoys sleeping in tents!

Mayra Nevarez
Who doesn't love bed forts!

My 4yr old daughter absolutely loves this!! It was a little difficult to install on my own on her daybed but it really took less than 3 minutes to get it just right. I love it because I was finally able to get rid of the side bed rail, this gave her a sense of security. I have to say its quite cozy under there. Every night that I read a book she makes me come in the tent and lay down and its perfectly peaceful. Maybe that's why she sleeps through the night cause its really does help darken the light around. She made me buy another one for her friends birthday because she thinks everyone needs this for their bed. Definitely a good buy!

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