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Perfect for Getting Your Body Back into Shape!!!

This shapewear is amazing. I wore it a few days after I gave birth and it greatly reduced the size of my abdomen. I wore the shapewear every day and night for the first week. I only took it off to shower. My abdomen flattened out as if I had never had a baby. People couldn't believe that I had a baby a week before. I highly recommend this shapewear.

Absolutely loved wearing thos postpartum

Absolutely loved wearing thos postpartum. I think it helped things shrink back much quicker than if I hadn't wore it. I wish I would have had one of these for previous pregnancies. I wore this for a minimum 8 hours a day and found it comfortable enough, but you can't wear it under clothes and not notice it. I only wore it while at home because it is noticeable while on. It became too big at about 6 weeks postpartum and I stopped wearing it.

I've tried them all - this one is THE BEST!

Ok I've tried about 10 of these wraps and this one is BY FAR the most comfortable...which I wasn't expecting since there are about 17 different straps to adjust and 3 separate pieces. Honestly I was expecting to hate it but it's actually really comfortable and all the straps mean you can adjust it just right to your body. It's amazing. The only one you will want or need!!

O. Martinez
Great for the price!

Got the plus size, wise chose for someone whom wears XL & up. Fits amazingly, I love that it comes with 3 separate pieces, covers fat without folding over & being uncomfortable. Great quality for the price, I've only used x2 so I don't have much on how it works (will update).

Hugs all the right places!

I love this product! Having three pieces really allows you to customize the placement exactly where and how you need it. Feels secure and hugs my body very comfortably. The only negative is that it's SO supportive that I can't sit and nurse with it on, I feel too restricted. Otherwise sitting with it on is no issue, just somehow the nursing position for me doesn't work. Overall it's a great item and I'm already spreading the word to the new moms I know. I can't speak to the results you get from it yet, but so far I like it! Oh and it doesn't look like a big mess under my clothes. I wear a cami over it and you can't even tell it's there.

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