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Brianna A.
Best money I have spent!

I bought this for a 6 week trip through Europe with my 3-4.5 month old and could not be happier. It weighs practically nothing and it's easy to use. With everything else we had to carry for our 2 kids, having this instead of a full pack-n-play was a game changer!

Daniela S.
It's a keeper

Easily my most used item outside of a wrap carrier, car seat, and bottles. This thing is so inexpensive and portable, my baby is pretty comfy in it. This thing is amazing

Rachel G.
We love this bassinet!

Loved this affordable travel bassinet! We used it for our 4 month old on our beach vacation. We used it on the beach and in our room for naps and for sleep overnight. It’s easy to fold and set up and travels easily and fits great in a suitcase.

Lisa B.
As expected

Great product. We have a two story home and my husband works from home downstairs so we got this portable bassinet to use downstairs for nap time. Our 2 week old baby girl likes it and it's perfect for traveling too. Overall, very space efficient and would buy again!

Keana M.
Perfect for traveling

Absolutely love this product! I used it every time I visited my parents. Very easy to fold and store in the car. I got one for my sister in law and she loved it just as much.

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