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Baby Sleeps Well

Our baby wasn't sleeping well at night. We thought it was because she was lying so flat. With this her head is slightly elevated and is now sleeping most the night.

A. Gentry

I am curious as to what problems other reviewers are having with thier zippers. Yes there is a zipper (in the middle of the bottom part- so you can take the cushions in and out); however I had no problem zipping it up and since it is on the bottom of the product it touches nothing but the mattress.
I am very pleased with SafeLift. It gives that perfect 30 degree angle to which a baby should be laid at and makes me feel much safer. It fits nicely beneath the sheet and does not slide around due to having slide resistant bottom.

Justin D.
A Quality Wedge

The Safe lift is a quality product. We were pleasantly surprised by its firmness and ability to withstand a heavy mattress and a very mobile baby.

The product's biggest upside can also be it's biggest downside. The angle is much smaller than a previous wedge that we had. There are times that this angle is just right and times when our little one's nose is stuffy and a greater angle would be more helpful.

All in all this is a quality product at a fair price that will stand up over time.

Baby sleeps longer, just the right incline

My 2 month old didn't have acid reflex but boy is he gassy! Use to cry whenever I laid him flat on his back. This has helped a lot. He sleeps longer and no, he doesnt slide off.

Love it!

So far this wedge has been fantastic for my 5 month old!
She has hated being in a flat position to sleep since the second she was born. We even took our Rock and Play into the hospital to help her out. She's slept in the R&P but it so mobile we needed to get her in her crib ASAP so she didn't Houdini her way out of the R&P.
Being flat, every night was a crap shoot whether she would sleep 1 hr, 4 hrs, or 12. Normally she would wake multiple times a night on the flat mattress.
We put the wedge in under the sheet and she has slept in her crib for almost a week now and for 8-9 hours at a time.
The wedge is very firm, in two pieces (which will help when we travel for the holidays)---into the luggage it goes!
Seriously, this has been great for our family!

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