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Works well for baby's first cold!

The 5- starts say that I love it. I'm not sure if that's the right wording for something that makes me dry heave every time I use it.

The first time you use it, your baby won't know what happened. The second time, baby will see it coming and start death-rolling like an alligator. Once you've wrested the alligator into submission, you then have to precisely aim for the nostril. This snot sucker is better than others because the tip is soft and you wont accidentally jab your baby alligator in the eye. Once you successfully get the job done, cleaning is easy since the tube unscrews (and holds the filter) and the soft tip is removable. Clean, shake dry, reassemble and repeat.

... you have a baby or small child they can't easily blow their nose (or at all)

When you have a baby or small child they can't easily blow their nose (or at all), and if you remember from your youth (or at least mine) where your mom used the nasal squeeze bulb of death, it's something that probably needed to be updated.

Kids still have a bit of an issue with this, but it works pretty well since you can control the suction easily and still have both hands free.

Duke Nguyen

Perfect!!!! My baby usually runny nose. It really help me so much when I want to keep my baby's nose always dry. Help my baby can breath very well again! I love this product too much! I recommend Moms or to be Mom should have one for your kids! Very handy and reasonably!!!

Adam T.
Four stars

Works just like the popular product available purchase in big box stores. This one is cheaper and comes with more filters. One design aspect that I like over the popular product is that the tip comes off for easy cleaning.

Blows Nosefrida out of the water!

We were given this product in the ICU, after our 14 month old was admitted with RSV Bronchiolitis, for a home care solution prior to discharge. Though I assured the nurse that we had a Nosefrida at home and would be fine, she just said, "Trust me."

WOW! This aspirator blows the Nosefrida out of the water!

I love that the attachment screws in, rather than pops on as the Nosefrida does. I also love that the tube does not come off like it does with the Nosefrida. I can't tell you how many times I'd be blowing my girls nose and the hose would just pop right off. It was really frustrating.

The bulb does go into baby's nose, so you do have to be careful, but I see that as a plus as I found it hard to get a good suction with the Nosefrida.

If I could give this product 6 stars I would! It's been a lifesaver since we've been home, and does almost as good of a job as the machine in the hospital does!

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