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sarah taylor
Super cute! My daughters LOVE them!

Got 2 of these for my girls valentine's day gifts, they absolutely love them! was worth it.

Nikki Hanson

This was a gift from my long distance relationship to give me something to cuddle with when he isn't here. I did not expect this bear to be so huge and sooooooo soft and cuddly! It came vacuum packed so tight in the heart wrapping paper that it looked like a little pillow, but once I got it out it continued to grow and grow and grow. I did have to unzip and fluff his stuffing up a bit, but that is to be expected from being so tightly compacted. I absolutely love this bear and the texture of his fur is so velvety soft! I had a few that I was choosing from and I am so glad that this is the one he picked out! My only wish is that the arms were a little longer to really wrap around me, but it is still a bit comfort! :D

Dustin Brandenburg
Looks great

Awesome Teddy Bear, I ordered it for my wife. Very comfy and nice. my wife loves it. I am a little jealous since the bear is getting more attention than me lol. But happy with the purchase.

Erika Mcdaniel
Good quality

Granddaughter loves the bear.

Dominique Shands

I'm preparing everything for this Christmas and I saw this big bear and now I have it, I can say that this is best purchase ever! I love it!

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